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If you are just navigating, welcome to my site and check out my story. Here at this site you will get up to date information on what I am doing and what part of the world I am in and what I do best, which is play basketball. I just signed with NBA Pro Agent Pascal Beyrouthy. His agency was the best choice for me to pursue excellence in professional basketball. I've always strived to be the best since I was the age of 7 and loved playing basketball since then.

This site will include a blog, action photos, biography, online videos, statistics, articles and achievements that I have done. I want to personally thank everyone for their support and caring to help me achieve my goals. I hope you enjoy the blog along with the other features to my site.
“Wish everyone the best and never be satisfied with where you are, always strive for more and try to be the best you can be"

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